Code of Behaviour for Breaffy GAA Club

Breaffy GAA Club will endeavour to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all its members.
Winning or striving to win is essential for enjoyable competition but must not be seen as an end in itself.
Each individual should show respect and understanding towards each other and conduct themselves in a
manner that reflects the principles and the sportsmanship of Breaffy GAA Club.
This Code of Behaviour is essential for the safety, welfare and enjoyment of all club members. It must be
adhered to protect the players, managers, mentors and club officers. Any breach of this code of practice
will be taken seriously and will be fully investigated in an appropriate manner.
Chairman: Gerard Bourke
Secretary: Celia Rattigan
Treasurer: Michael Callaghan
Coaching Officer: John Fahey
BNN Chairman: Bernard Murray
BNN Secretary: Caroline Costello
See the full Code of best practice 2021 to 2024 HERE.