Keith Mulchrone

Quickfire Questions With Keith Mulchrone

Keith Mulchrone sat down with the Mayo News to dish the dirt on some of his team-mates before this year’s county final.
 Name: Keith Mulchrone
Age: 23
Nickname: Ceiteachboiii/Buff
Occupation: Aurivo Connacht Gold
Pre-match meal?
Anything at all. Depending on time of the game it could range from a full on dinner to a rasher sandwich en-route in the car with a cup of tea half drank and half spilt.
Favourite player growing up?
Would have to be Ciarán McDonald. I didn’t get my own left peg from the wind.
Best away day room-mate?
Matthew Ruane. More than likely he’d bring his woman and she’s better craic than he is. On the other hand, Peter Ford or Shane Conway, at least then you might have some chance of getting the deposit back.
Who would headline your house party?
Robert Hennelly. The man is a different level on nights out, anything could happen.
First song they would play?
There’d be no song playing. He’d be standing on the mantlepiece belting one out himself.
You win the Lotto, first thing you would buy?
Firstly, I’d pay Eddie Conroy’s and Gerry Jennings’ redundancy package. Secondly, I’d buy a share in the Shamrock Bar in Breaffy, and thirdly, I’d buy a brand new Range Rover like Peter Dravins, some machine!
Favourite TV show?
First Dates Ireland. It gives me a bit of hope as a single man.
Earliest GAA memory growing up?
Jumping the wall into MacHale Park dreading a chase from Peter Geraghty. Sad thing is it still happens.
Who is the joker in the dressing room?
I’d be no angel myself when it comes to the joking side of things. I’d a black lace bra put into my manager’s gear bag until one of the younger lads, who was unsure as to what was going on, informed me it was Peter Ford’s bag and not Peter Dravins’s. Close call a day or two before the championship quarter-final!
Favourite holiday destination and why?
Orlando, Florida with the family was something else, but I’d have to give it to one of our mystery tours with the Breaffy lads. Hard to decide between Newcastle, Bristol, or Hamburg but there’s some serious stories for the wedding days.
Most memorable sporting moment?
Doing the treble. Winning the Minor A Championship, the West Mayo and the Division 2 League. What a year!
Who is the best player you have played alongside and why?
Aidan O’Shea. When I began playing senior after minor and Under-21, he was always the player that made you feel welcome and looked out for the younger lads. You wouldn’t believe what this man can do on a pitch until you train along side him on a weekly basis.
Who is the best player you have played against?
Diarmuid O’Connor. The man is a machine. He’d give Sonia O’Sullivan a run for her money any day of the week.
Best thing about being a Breaffy footballer?
An overall great community and the soundest bunch of lads you could ever wish to play with.
Worst thing about being a Breaffy footballer?
The joys of no floodlights. Having to train in Ballyheane pre-season and towards the latter end of the year. If I ever hear of someone looking for a wind turbine site it’s the first place I’ll send them.
Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
I’ve plenty of road frontage for any nice ladies reading The Mayo News.
This article originally appeared in the Mayo News.