GAA Social Media Guidelines

Social media plays an ever increasing and important role in the organisation and promotion of our Games. It provides an engaging forum through which the GAA community can connect. The GAA Social Media Policy and Guidelines have been developed to inform our community about using social media so people feel enabled to participate, while being mindful of the standards expected by the GAA and other entities such as the Data Protection Commissioner.
The contents provide practical guidance to allow all parties to benefit from the use of social media and to have fun online, while minimising potential risks and protecting everyone involved. It also gives practical guidelines and advice for Clubs and Counties on social media channels, illustrating many specific related risks and provides solutions. It is important to recognise that each person is individually responsible for what they post online. The information that follows is designed to provide guidance to GAA Units and members on how to communicate appropriately and lawfully online. The GAA does not accept responsibility for the online activities of individual members or GAA Units.
Find out more HERE GAA-Social-Media-Guidelines_2020

Breaffy GAA Goes Smoke Free

Breaffy GAA is happy to report we are now a smoke and vape free club !
Smoking or vaping are not permitted anywhere within our club grounds or carparks 🚭
Our smoke and vape free launch was held at Breaffy pitch with the help of some of our Under 9 team and their coaches. Thank you to everyone who was involved in helping our club reach this wonderful goal. #healthyclub #gaacommunity

Code of Behaviour for Breaffy GAA Club

Breaffy GAA Club will endeavour to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all its members.
Winning or striving to win is essential for enjoyable competition but must not be seen as an end in itself.
Each individual should show respect and understanding towards each other and conduct themselves in a
manner that reflects the principles and the sportsmanship of Breaffy GAA Club.
This Code of Behaviour is essential for the safety, welfare and enjoyment of all club members. It must be
adhered to protect the players, managers, mentors and club officers. Any breach of this code of practice
will be taken seriously and will be fully investigated in an appropriate manner.
Chairman: Gerard Bourke
Secretary: Celia Rattigan
Treasurer: Michael Callaghan
Coaching Officer: John Fahey
BNN Chairman: Bernard Murray
BNN Secretary: Caroline Costello
See the full Code of best practice 2021 to 2024 HERE.